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This is Rigged is a direct action campaign targeting the Scottish government's lack of action on both the climate and cost-of-living crisis. The multitude of crises we face today are extremely interlinked and cannot be tackled in isolation. We are demanding that supermarkets slash the price of baby products, the Scottish government fully fund a community hub per 500 households and the Scottish government create a fully funded just transition for oil workers into renewables. 

The system is rigged against the people. But time and time again, in Scotland and around the world, ordinary people have stood up against corruption and injustice. From Mary Barbour and the rent strikes to the crofters, to the shipyards at the poll tax-Scotland has a long, proud history of resistance.

Right now in 2023, oil companies are pushing Scots into poverty while they pollute our land, supermarkets are inflating prices so people can't afford to eat and the climate crisis is decimating people's lives and livelihoods, while the politicians stick their fingers in their ears and refuse to act. It's up to us to sort this mess out. At times like these, the Highland Land League slogan rings true "Treasa tuath an tighearna"/ "The people are mightier than a lord"


Our First demand was met 

Video from Green New Deal Rising (Solidarity!)

The Scottish Government vocally oppose all new oil and gas projects in Scotland


We will continue using direct action tactics to create a crisis for companies complicit in this mess. We are building a resilient civil resistance community ready to take redistributive action to turn the situation on its head. In the next phase of our campaign, we will take our redistributive "Robin Hood" actions to the next level until our demands of "supermarkets slashing the price of baby products and the Scottish government fully funding a community food hub per 500 households" are met. 

Why Should the masses of ordinary people, already struggling to make ends meet in a cost-of-living crisis, be guilt-tripped into further financial hardship each time they shop for basic necessities?

Hunger will never be eradicated through individual acts of charity.

It is not us the customers who uphold this rigged economic system that creates food banks. it is the corporate profiteers at the top of the food chain and complicit world leaders doing f*ck all about it. This price-gouging is accelerating food scarcity. People are already shoplifting to survive. This is a victimless "crime"

Big oil and gas, energy and agribusiness are wreaking social and environmental havoc. Supermarkets are one link in the global supply chain and no industry exists in a vacuum. Global elites must learn that infinite private profit is impossible on a finite planet. 


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